Dear Friends and Family,


We would like to present an opportunity to you or anyone you might know interested in a retail business venture! 


It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to sell Rocky Mountain Sample Sale.  Each of us has another full time job or business that have increased in work load to the point we are unable to dedicate the needed time to the business.


This model was built on a concept created by a partner’s mother in another region of the country. Her business has been running strong for 25 years and has become hugely profitable with gross sales averaging $60,000 per day.  Each sale runs for 10 days in a row and only 4 times a year.  It is an ideal model for anyone who can’t make a full-time commitment to a retail venture open all year.


Rocky Mountain Sample Sale has the potential to grow into the same successful operation. However, it needs the time and attention that we have found ourselves not having. Therefore, we have arrived at the conclusion that we need to turn the business over to a new owner who can nurture it into its full potential.


Contact us for further information about the company, and we would be delighted to provide a profile of the business along with its assets.


Thank you!

Rocky Mountain Sample Sale is where you will find one of a kind items at 50 - 70% off retail.  The product is brand new.  Most items haven't even hit the stores yet.  And many times the items are unique and one of a kind as some styles don't even make it into production. 


Rocky Mountain Sample Sale achieves this by uniting the public and local area sales representatives.  These samples are many times a burden to the sales rep to sell off at the end of a pre-selling season.  Rocky Mountain Sample Sale turns this burden into the public's treasure.


This site is dedicated to both the public and the sales rep.  Please find future sales dates and locations posted here.  Additionally, sales reps will find the tools they need to get their samples sold.


Contact Us for more details or suggestions!